I am Guillermo Blanco

and I have dedicated my life to opening doors in the international trade. Welcome to my web

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About me

Starting in 2023, I began my retirement from work but not from life. For more than 40 years, I have worked in international trade, helping both small and medium-sized companies. Interior doors were an important part of my work but I was also advising companies from many other sectors on their way to internacionalisation. This allowed me to visit and learn from many different markets based mainly in North America, Europe, Middle East, Australia and only Japan in the Far East. For the last 15 years, I concentrated on the British market as I could choose and it was very appealing to me.

Besides my working activities I enjoyed making business friends and understanding their way of leaving. A small portrait of this is shown below in form of some photos with some of them. If you happen to be one of my friends and you have a photo showing both of us together, Hurry Up!, I can’t wait to incluide it.

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Two of the main activities I am involved now:


Let's talk about doors

After a long working life in the interior doors industry, travelling the World and doing many business friends, I concentrated my last 15 years on the UK market, where I started a cooperation with Doorsan Ltd. I have had a very good time working with them, and it seems they too as company’s manager, Simon Kershaw, is generous enough to keep me as a “senior” member of the team. And support me on “Let’s talk about doors”. No money on this activity but the pleasure of keeping in touch with old customers and friends without obligations or trying to sell then anything. I enjoy keeping relaxed conversations about doors and life. I am starting to hung some of the conversations on my social media.



In Iceland, “ÞETTA REDDAST“ is something similar to “Don’t worry, be happy”

In Summer 2023 I visited Iceland for the first time and I have got involved in a project by Alicante University related to learn about this culture which I think has some interesting lessons I would like to share. We, basically Spanish and Iceland people but everybody is invited, are talking about the Iceland way of living and how it compares with others. And, of course, we also talk about the beauties of the country and the many interesting and attractive elements which make Iceland so special.


Before retirement, I was working for:

Business friends

Friendship is part of our life. All along my business life I have been lucky to know many people from any origin, race, sex, religion. They have taught me many things and open my mind. Among all them I have kept as friends a group of them. They are persons I have met on business, on trading, on the way when I was working wherever. I appreciate them by themselves. Business may have finish among us but we still keep a friendly relationship. To them I want to dedicate this space and remind them that they will always be in my heart. From some of them I have not kept a single photo, so they do not appear. So, no everybody that should be here is, but those that are here deserve to be.


Degree in Business Administration at Escuela Superior de Ciencia Empresariales (ESCE) in Alicante, precedent of present FUNDESEM. Many different courses on international trade, being most essentials Fundesem Master and the “International Companies Management Program” from Industrial Organisation School-EOI. Since 1992: Broker / Adviser at (IMPIVA), member of CEEI Elche Enterprises Club since its foundation on 2006.

First works work done at 1977 at the Foreing Business Department of the Alicante Chamber of Commerce. Including some market research on Canada and Ireland. Between 1980-81 worked for the Gabinete de Estudios Socio-Económicos del Centro de Estudios Superiores de Alicante. Starting on 1983 to work on a prívate company as export manager, on 1994 creates his own company dedicated to advise on International Trade subjects, mainly on the commercial area, international networks and general internationalization. Always working with medium size enterprises – 50 to 300 workers. This allows Guillermo Blanco a close knowledge of the export particularities on this entrepreneurial level. “Development manager” at Doorsan was the main work activity from 2017 till 2023 went I decided to retire.

This professional activity has allowed him to visit, work and know markets and mentalities in different areas of the word. Markets on which he has worked regularly are: Australia, Japan, USA, Canada. Morocco , United Kingdom, Ireland, Holland, Germany, France, Portugal, Italy, Poland, Czech Republic, Russia, Ukraine, Arab Emirates.

This experience has allowed him to teach about subjects he has been working on, particularly:
He has taught, give courses and conferences on: